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VICE Gandoll Brow Kit Review (Soft Brown) + trying to impove my time management skills

Some life updates before I review Vice Gandoll Brow Kit in Soft Brown? FINALLY. I had the motivation, inspiration, and energy (lol) to write! Honestly speaking fam, I have poor time management skills and ever since I took that job as a marketing exec, my schedule went haywire.

From full-time blogger + content creator

To full-time employee + full-time mommy + full-time content creator


I downloaded a Pomodoro app on Google Play and it seems to be working. 

  • 30 minutes focus work
  • 5 minutes break
  • 15 minutes break after 30 minutes x 3
  • Until I get the job done or my shift ends

Now it’s night time, Geof is asleep and instead of watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (my current binge). I shall write a review on the Vice Gandoll Brow Kit in Soft Brown. It has been a mainstay in my kikay kit for the past few months now, and I’ve been using the brow mascara more often because just a few strokes on my brows and I look more polished already.

Full review down below. Game?

Product Description 

Achieve Gandoll Perfection with the Gandoll Brow Collection! Shape and define your brows with the Micro brow Pencil, and finish of the look with the Volumizing Brow Gel. This collection is long wearing, and gives your brows a natural finish, perfect for any Gandoll look!


  • Micro Brow Pencil – 195php
  • Volumizing Brow Gel – 195php





Now there were a lot of folks saying this is an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Dupe. But I don’t own one so I can’t do any comparisons BUT this has got to be the best brow kit for its price. 

I wasn’t expecting much when I received the PR kit. Most brow pencils or products in this price range disappoint me. The brow kit from Vice Cosmetics is quite impressive.

The shade Soft Brown is too blonde for my current hair color (black) so I recommend this to guys and gals who are leaning towards blondes or light brown. Good thing I have the Dark Brown too so I’m using that one instead, but for review purposes I took photos of Soft Brown silly me! Hahaha

First. The pencil is hard  + fine enough to draw hair-like strokes. It doesn’t break easily as long as you don’t twist it too much. The color isn’t too strong that you need perfect control in drawing. It’s actually fool-proof and great for beginners.

Second. The brow mascara holds the shape you want. It also has color that you can use it on its own if you’re like me who’s always running out of time. 

Third. Sadly it isn’t sweat-proof or water resistant. So come mid-day I need to touch-up. 


Final Thoughts

Yes I’ll gladly repurchase. I also recommend their brow kit if you’re trying to save money. It’s affordable for those in a budget but they don’t compromise the quality. But I wish it stayed on my brows for longer. Can they make this sweatproof or waterproof someday? Please?




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