Vice Little Ponies Lipstick Swatch 6
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Vice Cosmetics Launches Little Ponies Lipsticks (Swatch & Photos)

The lipstick we all know and love from Vice Cosmetics is now available in CUTE SIZE! They’re called Little Ponies and I’m already in love. They come in a boxed set of 4 that costs 395php which includes the ff shades:

  • Chup chap
  • Epchuk
  • Havey
  • Jowa pa more

Vice Little Ponies Lipstick Swatch 6


I’m an example of a person who RARELY finishes up a lipstick tube and this seems more economical.

Especially if you’re adventurous to try new shades. It’s the perfect gift for your friends, mom, sister, or even yourself haha! What do you guys think?



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