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LOOK: Where to Eat in The Outlets at Lipa? My Batangas Streat Fair Foodcrawl Experience

I’m not sure if all of my readers know already, that macho kid and I reside in the beautiful city of Lipa, Batangas. We’ve decided to stay here for many reasons:

  • Less traffic/commute
  • More trees!
  • Cooler climate
  • Relatively peaceful vs the Metro

From local cuisines like Lomi or Gotong Batangas, to international ones like Korean BBQ or Japanese. Everything’s here already and we don’t need to go out of our way to satisfy our foodie cravings. In fact, you guys should visit us here to try our delicious cuisines!


This is what my post is all about. My recent gastronomic experience during the #BatangaStrEATs Fair.

Organized by The Outlets at Lipa and Hello Lipa, I was invited for a fun food crawl to taste what some of their restaurants have to offer.


#1 Little Big Bowl

Little Big Bowl by Ala Fiesta aims to elevate the Filipino Dining Experience by giving a bit of twist on the traditional. 


They have an extensive menu that can cater to your needs whether you’re dining in with your family, in a date, or solo. 

Here are some of the dishes that I got to try in their restaurant.

Laing – Laing made of dried taro leaves, pork belly, coconut milk

Creamy, savory and tasty. You can skip the meat and have their laing as ulam. Preference wise, I wish they put in the chili in their Laing. It’s not laing without the spice. I’m looking for that Bicol flavor. 


Crispy Pata – Deep Fried Pork Knuckles

I’d come back for the pata! It’s perfectly fried! Crispy on the outside, tender and soft on the inside. Seasoned just right with salt and pepper. Dip it in spicy vinegar and it can bring you to heaven. HAHAHA


Binagoongan Rice 

Vegetable Fritter

The secret to good Filipino food is how much time is spent in preparing these dishes. Little Big Bowl took theirs quite well. Serving time is usually 15-20 minutes and it’s worth the wait.



#2 Ichiban Boshi

Ichiban Boshi serves Udon, Tempura, Maki, Sushi, Gyoza, Ramen, and a whole lot more to satisfy your Japanese foodie cravings. 


As a frequent diner of authentic Japanese cuisine, what makes Ichiban Boshi stand out is the localization of some of the dishes. Maybe to cater to the Filipino palate? It is sweeter than usual, and the batter used on their tempura thick and bready.



#3 Korean Lounge

Craving for Korean BBQ? For 499 you get unlimited meat featuring

  • Samgyeupsal
  • Daepae Samgyup
  • Moksal
  • Marinated Pork Cuts
  • Marinated Beef Cuts
  • Beef Short Plate
  • Bulgogi
  • Woo Samgyup
  • Dak Bulgogi

Along with a spread of side dishes of kimchi, sweet potato, salad, lettuce, peanuts, fish, potatoes, etc. 

Add 100 pesos and for 599 add shrimps to your unli-experience. I was hesitant to try their shrimps first because I was lazy to shell them. WORTH IT. One of the sweetest, freshest shrimps I ever tasted in an unli-kbbq place.

They also use a charcoal grill for that authentic KBBQ experience. Yum. I can eat KBBQ everyday. 

There were 2 more stops for the crawl (Turks, Cafe de Lipa), but as a working momma, I have to pickup Geof at school as he was already waiting past his dismissal.

Hello Lipa Team and Batangas Influencers
Hello Lipa Team and Batangas Influencers

I didn’t want to leave him alone for too long. Medyo bitin, but this gives me a bigger reason to come back! This time I’m bringing him with me!  We shall return! Nomnom.. Congratulations on your successful event Hello Lipa and The Outlets at Lipa!


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