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    COVID-19: Children’s Mental Health Matters Too

    "The pandemic has been difficult, especially for kids who already struggle with depression and anxiety," says Brooke Gomez, LPC, a clinical therapist at Children's Health℠. "One of the things we advocate for mental health is reaching out, socializing and leaning on a social support system. But because of COVID-19, now we're telling families to do the opposite and stay socially distanced, to protect their physical health."

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    Fitmiss Delight Complete Protein Shake Review

    I’ve been trying out low-lactose protein for the longest time. Not because I’m vegan, but because I get pimples from pure whey protein (except isolates). Today I’ll be reviewing the only vegan protein shake that tastes good. Honestly. I’ve tried A LOT and most rave reviews online are a bunch of lies. Most plant-based protein tastes like chalk, saw-dust, clumpy, and just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Surprisingly, Fitmiss Delight tastes good. Truth. What made this any different? Is this a good meal…

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    Pritong Lechon by Lolo Pido | leftover lechon recipe

    Hi everyone! Today will be the first recipe from my lolo’s unwritten recipes. His super yummy pritong lechon.  He’s one of the best cooks I know, and unfortunately, he’s lazy to write his recipes down. He does everything by tantsa (estimate) and gut-feel. But everything he makes is DELICIOUS. He’s turning 88 this 2020 after writing, and I want to IMMORTALIZE him via writing all his recipes on my blog (hopefully a BOOK!!!!) First and foremost, I am not a cook. I’m not your typical “domesticated”…

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    Aji Savor on Rice – Kanin pa lang ulam na!

    Gusto ko mag hoard tbh. Masarap talaga sya guys. Ito yung legit na kanin pa lang ulam na! Aji Savor on Rice! 5php lang! No-cook. Simply sprinkle on rice (hot or cool) Perfect sa mga tamad magluto kagaya ko or wants to add more excitement to their meals. Comes in tasty beef or yummy chicken, made with umami and nutritious ingredients like malunggay and toasted sesame seeds. Each serving also has 385mg of Calcium! AJI SAVOR™ ON RICE Inspired by Japanese Furikake, this product contains…

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    MABE Microwave Review and Manual (MABE MEI2340DVSL SV)

    So last time I shared you a story on how Geof and I were ecstatic to get our MABE Refrigerator. You probably saw the photo that there was a Microwave oven beside it. Yup! We also got ourselves a MABE Microwave to start our little journey to independence.    It’s been a few months since then and it’s been nothing but a blessing for someone like me who’s got little interest in cooking (#realtalk) and just wants to re-heat her diet deliveries, or macho kid’s…

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    8 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Still Drink Milk Everyday

    I am not a milk drinker. I only drink milk when mixed with chocolate or strawberry or melon. I cannot take it as it is. I had poor nutrition, sickly, underweight. Who else should I blame but the people who raised me? That’s why when I became a parent, and gave birth to macho kid, besides exclusively breastfeeding him for 2 years. I want him to drink milk regularly.    Why Is it important for children to drink milk everyday?   1. Milk Is Rich…

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    How to Stop from Binge Eating aka Notes to Self

    I barely miss a day at the gym. It has become a habit, a lifestyle. But how come I don’t see the progress I expect? On some cases, just like today; my body seems to be in it’s worse form than before. Why? Written a lot of articles on different diets, from fads to what actually works. I never got the courage to admit that I am a failure because no matter how much I wrote about eating right. One emotional meltdown and I’m back…

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    Sulit Dates with RACKS Club Card

    Ito, inside scoop. One of our favorite places to dine in with the bf is RACKS. As we share a mutual love for juicy, tasty, fall-off the bone ribs. One fine day, they launched their RACKS Club Card (399php) and I bugged him that we use it right away to satisfy our rib cravings!    WHAT WE ATE A half-slab of tender ribs.. I top it off with their special sauce in EXTRA HOT.. It literally falls of the bone. It was so soft I…

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