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Writing About Writer’s Block | Tips and Tricks to Overcome Your (Our) Struggle

The great Charles Bukowski once said:

“It’s better to write about writer’s block than write nothing at all”

and this is what I’m doing today. Who knows? It’s been WEEKS really. Writer’s block can happen to anyone. You can even call it Blogger’s Block. I searched a few tips here and there, and sharing my own. Who knows, maybe it can help someone stuck, struggling with writing,  just like me.

Pardon the lack of highfalutin words, or if my sentences miss a few punctuation, or my grammar has turned into a nasty pile of mush.

Because I’m suffering from writer’s block, and my brain is trying to squeeze out the last amount of vocabulary that’s left in me.



Usual Causes of Writer’s Block*

  • Timing: It’s simply not the right time to write. Your ideas may need to stew a little longer before writing them down.
  • Fear: Many writers struggle with being afraid, with putting their ideas (and themselves) out there for everyone to see and critique. Fear is a major reason some writers never become writers.
  • Perfectionism: You want everything to be just right before you ever put pen to paper or touch a keyboard. You try to get it perfect in your head and never do, so you never begin. 



Mine began when I was recently hired for a regular work-from-home job. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Blessing, because it’s been a while since I experienced regular pay. A curse, because it means my brain will be divided into a new segment, that will need adjusting. becomes exhausting, to the point that your passion, began feeling like a chore.

I love writing. I love blogging. I love sharing my thoughts and experiences to everyone who stumbles upon my humble domain and Youtube Channel (KikaysikaTV). But it becomes exhausting, to the point that your passion, began feeling like a chore. Like it was a responsibility to churn out at least an article or product review each week (it is).

I had writer’s block, but I still wrote. But the output wasn’t as great as what I want them to be. It’s not enough. It’s not what I can usually produce. It’s frustrating.


Yes had. I have a feeling that it will all go away after publishing (vomiting) words in this article. Enough about me, how about you? Let’s talk about how to deal.

3 Tricks to Overcome Writer’s Block

  1. Read a book – A writer who doesn’t enjoy reading will never expand their horizons (or grammar, or vocabulary). We all get inspiration somewhere, and sometimes the best ones come from reading a book. Fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or even comics are great resource materal. I’m not saying you should “take” exact material from the book you just read. But reading opens your mind to wondrous things.
  2. Coffee – Let’s chug caffeine to our systems. It works. Drinking at least a cup of joe a day can help you with procaffeinating. Gets our brain pumped, active and running.
  3. Excercise – Still not doing anything for ya? How about literally getting active. Sometimes you need a break from your writer’s chair and get those blood flowing. Pumps up blood in your brain too.
  4. Bullet Writing – Got a random idea on your head? Can’t start yet? Keep it in bullets for future use.
  5. Work someplace else – Usually work at Starbucks? How about going to Coffee Bean for a change. 
  6. Walk
  7. People Watching – We’ve been so caught up looking down on our phones scrolling mindlessly on our feeds, that we forgot the beautiful art of people watching. Just don’t act all stalker-ish. Randomly observe other humans. What are they doing? What are they talking about? LOL
  8. Music – Instrumental, lyric-free I find best. Those without words. Sometimes it’s our souls that need feeding.



WRITE. It doesn’t matter what about. Just write what you want. Without thinking what others would think or need. We all started from passion, and if you try and go back to that special place in your heart. It will return. Who cares about your spelling and punctuation. Write what you feel. Let it out. Don’t let it in. Let it go. LOL


*I have writer’s block so thank you so much to for sharing your wonderful insights, tips, tricks, and that quote from Charles Bukowski which I can relate to so fuckin much.




    good tips especially for aspiring writer who would want to venture in this kind of career. this is applicable maybe to other different of work. we are all sometimes get stucked to where we are and not having the best the we do before. These tips are very helpful to get us to that optimum condition that we used to be

  • Edgardo Roxas

    Absolutely Motivating, truly Sometimes Writing a Story or any topic ina Book is not Easy specially if you having a Problem, yung daming pumapasok sa Isipan mo na hindi Mo alama kung ano ang uunahin kaya wala kang maisulat, salamat sa pagShare ng tips na to Mommy Kaycee truly indeed so much Helpful po talaga at mapapadali na ang pagsusulat ng walang iniisip na mga Problema…

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