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Why Hop Inn Tomas Morato is the BEST Budget Hotel in Quezon City

Hello there! If you follow me on social media (@themachomom), you would’ve seen my IG Stories on my recent visit at Hop Inn Tomas Morato and today I’ll give you a quick review.


Yep! I knew you’d ask. Oftentimes there are blog events that are held later than 3pm and I’d be required to sleep over in Manila because I don’t want to suffer the rush-hour traffic, or sacrifice my safety commuting. 


So I check-in my favorite budget hotels in Metro Manila, depending where the event is held. In Makati, my default is already Hop Inn in Makati Ave. as seen on my VLOG above. A few weeks ago I was invited to a party that was held in QC and I remembered that Hop Inn recently opened a branch in Tomas Morato. Perfect!


What to Look for in a Budget Hotel?

  1. Good internet. Stable Wi-Fi Connection
  2. Polite staff
  3. Cleanliness of not only the room but the entire hotel
  4. May bidet
  5. Cable TV


5 Reasons Why Hop Inn Tomas Morato is the BEST Budget Hotel in Quezon City

Easy! Because it has meets all the requirements I look for in a budget hotel and more.

#5 Good Internet/Wi-Fi

Hop Inn Tomas Morato

Each guest receives a temporary wi-fi username and password that can be shared by 4 people. The connection is pretty decent hitting 7-10mbps.


Polite Staff

Hop Inn Tomas Morato

The staff was attentive and very courteous to my inquiries (price, wifi, checkout time). They were all smiles and I felt it was genuine. Like, they’re actually happy to be working there 🙂



I went in my room and it looked NEW. Fresh sheets, fresh smelling, spot-free and clean. Check some of my photos below:



Squeaky clean faucet and look a blow dryer ^_^

Hop Inn Tomas Morato

I had the Deluxe Queen Size Bed. I love their pillows and their basic but pristine white sheets.

Hop Inn Tomas Morato

Hot/Cold Shower with Soap dispenser


May Bidet

Hop Inn Tomas Morato

I don’t want to wipe my arse with just tissue when doing my “job” it’s either you have tabo or bidet. Some hotels, even 5-star ones DON’T HAVE A BIDET. 

Good news. May bidet sa Hop Inn.


Cable TV

The television is turned off but believe me, they have cable. I’ve experienced checking in a budget hotel before with only TV Plus and it was sad af 🙁



Hop Inn Tomas Morato

Price Range: 1,200php-1,400php/night


Final Thoughts

I highly recommend staying at Hop Inn Tomas Morato if you’re looking for the best budget hotel in QC. It’s located in the heart of the city and near a LOT of great restaurants and establishments. It makes me feel safe. Like I’m staying in a decent and not shady hotel.


Hop Inn Hotel Tomas Morato Quezon City

Hop Inn Tomas Morato

The 167-room Hop Inn Hotel Tomas Morato is located in the ultimate food and party destination in Quezon City. Brimming with staple culinary gems and hole-in-the-wall eats, the district attracts foodies from all over. Popular nightlife spots – breweries, KTV bars, and upscale clubs light up the streets, making it the perfect place to party hop in the city.

Address: 312 Tomas Morato Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City 
Metro Manila

Phone Number: +63 2 990 0720




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