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10 Things to do in Guam Besides Shopping

My US Visa is about to expire. After doing a bit of research online, I thought of visiting Guam. It’s only 3.5 hours away from the Philippines, and airfare is way cheaper than going to the USA itself. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to say yes when I got invited to Guam Visitors Bureau on their #InstaGuam event last January 5, 2020.

If you’re planning to travel, why not #VisitGuam? I learned a lot of things you can do in Guam besides shopping and I”m sharing them with you today!



I learned so much (and won a few prizes lol). Like, did you know that like the Philippines, it was also colonized by Spain for 400 years, and was also occupied by the Japanese nung WW2. After World War II, the Guam Organic Act of 1950 established Guam as territory of the United States.

Guam has become a tropical destination of choice for travelers from Asia, the United States an even Europe. Despite the rich history of Spanish influlence and World War II significance, the attraction lies in adventure for many visitors. With fun and safety at the top of the list, you can find everything from the sky to under the sea to keep your adrenaline running on our island. Explore the activities below to find something for your needs no matter what age?

And it’s only 3.5 hrs away from the Philippines!


Things to do in Guam Besides Shopping

#1 Hiking

Join the Guam Boonie Stompers each Saturday at 9am in the center court of Chamorro Village in Hagatna for a small fee of 2usd for each hiker over the age of 12.

Contact: David Lotz by calling 1 (671) 653-2897 or e-mail  [email protected]

#2 Camping

Except for the historical parks, public parks on Guam are available for camping at any time. Gather your family and friends, pitch a tent and get ready to enjoy the pleasure of cool evenings and sunny days. Fishing, glass containers, and loud music are prohibited to preserve the comfort of our beaches, but bring on the barbecue! 

Contact:  Department of Parks and Recreation at 1 (671) 475-6822

#3 Golf

A round of golf at one of Guam’s many courses is an opportunity well worth the effort. Seven courses ranging in environment and difficulty level are situated throughout the island

#4 Racing

Competitions are held year-round, often drawing large crowds who enjoy watching experts display their off-roading and racing skills.

Contact: For more information, contact the Guam International Raceway 1 (671) 727-5381

#5 Jet Skiing

Learn how to ride the waves on Guam’s beaches, or if you’re already familiar just rent the equipment. Ride by yourself or with a friend!

#6 Underwater Tours

A submarine tour will allow you to stay out of the water, comfortable inside a 65-foot sub as tropical reefs and marine life pass you by. Or you can opt for a more structured, hands-on underwater adventure by walking the ocean floor in a constructed chamber.

#7 River Boat Cruise

A leisure boat ride along the Talofofo River can expoe you to even more of the island’s natural beauty. Take your family and friends to explore the jungle and the animals that call it home. The ride will take you to the ruins of an ancient Chamorro Village and allow you to enjoy demonstrations of traditional craft making.

#8 Sky Diving

If you’re a more extreme risk taker, you may look to the sky for adventure. Also known as tandem skydiving, the sport was initially used as a military application, but has evolved greatly over the years.

#9 Parasailing

If being near the peaceful ocean waters and a great view is something on your agenda, then parasailing should definitely be on your to-do-list. A short cruise out from the shore is all you need to explore the beauty of Guam’s shoreline. Many beach club give you the option of going 200 fet up by yourself or with a partner.

#10 Flight School

Take in the breathtaking aerial view of Guam by going on a tour of the island with Micronesian Aviation or sign up for an introductory flight course so you can learn how to fly a Cessna.



That’s it everyone! Were you able to find a few things you’d like to do in Guam? Try one or try all! I can’t wait to visit the country too!

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