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A better and stronger you in 2022

Each time January rolls in, we tend to list down a new set of resolutions we all hope to apply the rest of the year, whether it’s to fall less for budols every month, lose the holiday weight, start eating healthy and being more physically active, or spending more quality time with family. 

While some end up on the backburner after a few weeks, the most important ones pertaining to one’s health should always be a top priority, especially with the ongoing pandemic. A recent study conducted by Movement Today showed many Filipinos have become less physically active since the start of the pandemic which made them experience back, muscle, and joint pains, and feel more tired and lethargic. The lack of movement has posed a greater risk on one’s physical and mental health, and overall well-being.

With health being of utmost importance, best to keep resolutions simple, attainable, and sustainable. Engaging in physical activity like going for short walks or doing easy 15-20 min exercises to keep the blood flowing and having a more nutritious diet that gives the proper nutrients for our bones, joints, muscles and the rest of the body to mention a few.

Milk does the body good

Anlene, the trusted bone expert for 30 years and one of the adult milk pioneers in the Philippines has been advocating the importance of caring for bones, joints, and muscles to enable movement at any age and live their best lives. 

To further strengthen expertise and provide superior adult nutrition, Anlene introduced the new Anlene Gold 5X which helps in maintaining strong bones, joints, and muscles with added benefits on energy and flexibility and help improve overall mobility. It has the highest calcium content among other milk brands which provides 100% of your daily calcium needs in 2 glasses, it is high in protein with 9g per serve, has collagen and Vit C, with B vitamins, and with a new breakthrough ingredient MFGM Activ among many other vitamins and minerals.

MFGM Activ is a revolutionary ingredient present only in Anlene Gold 5X and has been proven to help enhance physical performance of our bones, joints, and muscles when coupled with exercise. This innovative formulation has been tested and shown to increase muscle mass by 40%, improve bone mineral content and flexibility by 2x, making it the perfect beverage to support bone, muscle and joint health and recovery. Another interesting meaning behind the 5X: bone, joints, muscles, energy, and flexibility which are all aligned with Anlene’s benefits. 

Add milk to your diet

According to registered nutritionist Jo Ann Verdadero-Salamat, milk plays an important part of our diet because it provides all the necessary daily nutrients we need. “We tend to think milk is just for kids, but even in adulthood, our bones still grow in density and this is why it is still necessary. It is important to choose milk high in calcium because it is the major nutrient that strengthens our bones.” 

While calcium is present in other types of food, and also in supplements in the form of tablets, Jo Ann shared that drinking milk is the best option. While you can also consume calcium in the form of tablets, the way our body metabolizes them will not be as efficient as compared to food,” she says. “Anlene has always been known as the ideal milk drink for adults because of its high protein and highest calcium content among other powdered milk brands.  It does not only support the bones, but also the muscles and joints. “All three parts of our anatomy affect each other. In order for these three parts to work efficiently together, we need the right nutrition which you can get in fortified milk like Anlene,” she adds.  

The oldest member of the Philippine National Team, Veteran Long Jump Olympian, 4x SEA Games Gold Medalist, and Philippine/SEA Games Long Jump Record Holder Marestella Sunang attests to this who has been an Anlene drinker for years. Now in her 40s, she is still able to compete with younger athletes. “I started drinking Anlene from the very start of my athletic career. It has always been with me in training every day. Over the years, I have really gotten into the habit of drinking it and it has been a solid part of my routine because it helps with my flexibility,” she explained. “As I grow older and continue to compete, I find I need it even more now, and I’m so thankful I was introduced to it early on in my career as it has played such an important role in my journey.” she said. 

Good health starts now

Our bones, joints, and muscles are some of the most important pillars that help us to live a happy and healthy life. It’s never too late to start taking care of it, especially in a time when our health needs to be top priority. All it takes is to move for around 15-20 minutes a day, eat the right food, and drink milk so we can all feel healthy, better, and stronger for the rest of the year. 

Join Anlene’s advocacy of everyday movement partnered with proper nutrition for healthy ageing in 2022. For more information on Anlene, visit its Kilos Tayo Playlist on Youtube at and official website

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