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Best Vitamin C Supplement According to Your Needs

I am not a doctor but all I can do is share my experience with brands I have tried. I categorized them to suit most types of people. Vitamin C has many benefits, from strengthening our immune system, building collagen, even skin lightening but with several brands out in the market. Which is right for me?



Nagtitipid ka ba? (Are you trying to save money?) Then this brand is perfect for you. It only costs .80 cents per tablet and I think you can purchase it at 100s for more or less a hundred pesos (2 USD) and each tablet is already a whopping 500mg.
Pros? It’s cheap. It works. Ascorbic Acid is pretty much the same thing and it just varies which brand. A generic brand such as Rhea works just as well as the more expensive kind.
Cons? Not for the acidic and it is sour to taste since it’s tablet form.



Okay, so you’re hyperacidic. You’re tummy is sensitive to ascorcbic acid. Why not try something like Sodium Ascorbate. I think there are 2 or more brands in the market but the most popular Sodium Ascorbate is Fern-C.
Pros? It’s in easy to swallow capsule-form. It’s safe for acidic tummies
Cons? It’s the pricier kind. I tried taking this because I had an acidic phase.


Recommended intake for Vitamin C for skin lightening is 1,500-3,000mg if you’re not up to swallowing 2-3 capsules a day then this one is for you. It has bonus of Rosehips too which I believe is good for the skin. It’s also pretty cheap at around 3-5php per tablet.
Pros? It has 1,000mg of vitamin C per serving.
Cons? Tablet is too big and hard to swallow. I tried taking this before when my mom was on her glutathione phase.
There you go! I hope these answers your questions! Just let me know if you’re curious pa on anything and I’ll try my best to return to them? 🙂 So, have you decided which to take na?
    I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.

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