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REVIEW: eRAse Scar Solution

I initially bought eRAse Solution for my post-pregnancy stretchmarks. Despite having abs, I’m still ashamed of showing off my stomach wearing cropped tops because it’s a not-so-pleasant view seeing the scars. I used it for one week but stopped because my stomach felt really itchy, I couldn’t contain myself and scratched it causing my skin to bleed and even produce more scars.  I kept it in my closet for a month not thinking of using it again. Until…

My chin and mouth area starting having these weird and annoying whiteheads and I ran out of my favorite Kati Alis. Solution? Perfect time to give eRase Solution a second chance, and I’m glad I did. Continue reading for my detailed review. Have you tried this product yourself too? Let me know in the comments below!


eRAse Solution Ingredients

  • Retinyl Palmilate
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Octylmethoxycinnamate
  • Fragrance

There’s a only a singular active ingredient in this product while the rest are fillers and preservatives. That is Retinyl Palmilate which is a Vitamin A derivative. Retinyl works by regenerating skin. Peeling the dead skin while helping generate new skin. To keep it simple, goodbye dead skin, hello clear skin. I’d appreciate it if they also indicated the concentration of the active ingredient.


eRAse Scar Solution Review

Price – It’s afforadable. I purchased mine for less than 200 pesos and I think the smallest roll-on type is just 79php
Packaging – It comes in a glass bottle with roll-on applicator
Texture – It’s silky as silicone but it does not have silicone.
Scent  – Smells like grandma 🙂
Does it work? YES
Will I buy again? I might
Thoughts –  While it didn’t work for my tummy marks, it did help flatten my whiteheads after using this for 1 week. It has significant peeling so a sunblock is a must. It’s quite strong and stingy so I don’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin.
Rating: 4/5



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