My 5 Favorite Fitness Channels on Youtube!
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My 5 Favorite Fitness Channels on Youtube!

Being the competitive SEO freak that I am, I was supposed to write a blog on “Best Female Fitness Youtubers According to Reddit” or “Best Youtube Workout Channels“. But the genuine person in me thought of sharing my favorite fitness channels with you instead.

What are my favorite fitness channels on Youtube? My criteria is pretty simple. They all should be:

  1. Simple and easy to follow
  2. Posts videos based on facts
  3. Educational
  4. Doesn’t talk senseless blabber to extend watch time
  5. Certified trainers

Easy right? Some of the fitness youtubers below I’ve been following for years already while some I just recently discovered. I attempted to upload my own fitness videos on-line too but since I’m no trainer I have no right to teach what or what not to do. Haha! 

I hope you enjoy my personal list. I’ve attached their sample videos too so you can have a preview 🙂


My 5 favorite fitness channels on Youtube

These aren’t listed on any particular order. 

#1 Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

I discovered Mark Rippetoe via his Book; Starting Strength. Recommended to me by my first fitness coach, Mark Limbaga during my Eclipse 24/7 Fitness gym days. It was the first strength training book I’ve read with detailed steps and techniques on the big 4 lifts: Benchpress, Deadlift, Squats, and Overhead Press.

His channel is his book converted to an instructional video and more. It’s filled with tips, techniques, and body cues. Some might think he’s “too old” but remember, old is gold. HE DESERVES MORE SUBSCRIBERS!!

Fitness Channel: Starting Strength


#2 Megsquats

I discovered her channel thru a recommendation of an Instagram friend. Her videos are packed with information from nutrition, workouts, and even well-being. She’s very engaging to watch with no non-sense when she talks. While some of her video can be sales-y (who isn’t?), it’s because she’s promoting a few subscriptions programs on her website. Strong strong friends workout subscription and a Strong Strong Friends Nutrition.

I subscribed to her Strong Strong Friends workout plan because I hate thinking about what weights to use next, or what exercises to do. Everything is pre-planned with progression. So the 8usd/month is worth every penny. Not to mention she’s offering home bodyworkouts for all of us in quarantine with no gym access.

Fitness Channel: Megsquats


#3 Scott Herman’s Fitness

Scott’s channel is my go-to when I’m unfamiliar with an exercise and I want a quick guide. No blabber. No BS. He goes straight to guiding you through the workout. With cues on what and what not to do. I do enjoy his older videos than his new ones though.

Fitness Channel: Scott Herman Fitness


#4 Achieve Fitness Boston

I first saw them on Instagram, then BEGGED them to create a Youtube Channel, so they did (well, there were a lot of us who asked haha). They make the best instructional videos on Instagram. I appreciate their Bad Form vs Good Form series too. They’re a husband/wife fitness duo, Lauren and Jason Pak that you’d just adore!

Their channel is filled with learning goodness from form tips to mobility trill that’s simple and easy to understand.

Fitness Channel: Achieve Fitness Boston


#5 BroScienceLife

Looking for laughs? BroScienceLife debunks lifting myths while injecting humor. A learning channel that can also keep you entertained! Thank you Reddit for this recommendation. 

Their most popular video to date is “How to get your girlfriend to start lifting” that sounds mysoginistic at first, but watch the whole video to appreciate how satirical it is hahaha!

Fitness Channel: BroScienceLife


Final Thoughts

These are just 5 and I’m sure you know a lot more. Let me know your favorites in the comments section below so I can take a look too 😉 Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Take care and sending you lots of love!

Also HAHA I post random things on my channel, maybe you can check it out and subscribe too? ^_^



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