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EB Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss Review – Beauty Bits

While everyone is going ga-ga over matte lipsticks, I’m obsessed with gloss. No, not the “para kong kumain ng crispy pata grease” kind. The natural, plump, healthy sheen that makes our lips look youthful and healthy. But despite my love for gloss, it’s been difficult to find one that fits my criteria. Until… EB Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss came along.

Continue reading for my review & swatches! ^_^

Product Description – EB Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss

Price: 125PHP

This EB Advance Vinyl Lip Gloss provides long lasting shine and plump looking lips. Works on bare lips or on top of lipstick. Build on for higher shine.

Photos & Swatch

A soft doe-tip applicator

Non-sticky texture

Mirror-like finish


Packaging – A compact plastic clear case with a white cap. It also has a soft doe-tip applicator that helps apply product with ease

Coverage – One layer of gloss on top of bare or colored lips will provide a hint of shine, which is not enough for me LOL. I had to apply around 3-4 layers to give it that glossy coat I long for.

Texture – Did I got you worried when you heard 3-4 layers? Don’t be. The texture is 100% non-sticky and weightless! While most gloss would get all your hair, dust, etc. stick, this won’t. Shiny, not sticky.

Scent – Another yay! It’s fragrance-free. No dizzy, annoying sugary scent

Longevity – 2-3 hours and you need to retouch after eating or drinking. To be honest, I don’t think someone has invented a 24-HR lip gloss yet. (Comment if you know any)

Final Thoughts

Liquid cosmetics, especially lip products can only last on our shelves at 6 months max. Then we have to throw it away because of bacteria growth. I could never splurge on a luxury or high-end brand when it comes to gloss. EVER. So finding an affordable one that fits all my needs in a lip gloss is pure joy 🙂


  • Queen A

    Yun ang gusto ko ung weightless. Nakapagtry na ko ng ibat ibang gloss kaso parang ang bigat sa labi hahaha. I love tjis! Makabili nga sa 12.12 lakas makafresh e. Gives extra glow

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