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Fairy Skin Rejuvenating Set Review

Experience flawless and glowing skin in just 14 days! Reduces melasma and wrinkles, lightens scars, anti-acne, and gives you glowing and smooth skin to whiten your complexion. 

Where to buy? Fairy Skin Rejuvenating Set

Dermatologically proven safe and effective with no harmful chemical added.




“…Ang bilis ipinatuyo ng Fairy Skin ang mga tagyawat ko…pangalawa na minimize pores ko..pangatlo nabawasan ang mga blackheads and whiteheads ko, pang-apat, medyo nag fade na kahit papano yung mga old pimple marks so happy naman ako doon sa result niya sa 7 days although di ko pa na-achieve ang kutis Koreana na sinasabi doon sa box… ang suggest kasi na use ng product is one month so hopefully within the next month mag-clear up na yung mga tagyawat ko…” – FressyFeels


“…day 1, kitang kita po natin na napaka dami kong pimples; for day 3, kita na natin na nagbabalat na siya—super hapdi talaga. Day 3 is nandoon na ang pamamalat niya, pag pinahid mo yung toner, super hapdi niya…tapos day 6, patuyo na ang ating pimples.Tapos day 8, pawala na ang pimples…day 13, pimple marks nalang…day 17, nagbabalat pa din and day 30 nagbabalat pa din pero maganda ang resulta niya…sabi nga to see is to believe…” – Kathleerah



  • Dries pimples fast
  • Minimizes pores


  • Discomfort
  • Redness and stinging sensation
  • Toner contains harmful ingredients Hydroquinone and Tretinoin that is not approved by the FDA. 



They do not specify the ingredients on their pages or on the label.


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    • shawty

      Like many rejuv.sets i’ve tried,this one has its highs and lows.I love the facial soap and the sun cream;neither was too drying and the sun cream was especially pleasant on the face.However,i’m unsure how true the SPF 40 rating is,considering other reviews have expressed their own doubts.I use it along with my own sunblock as added protection and i also like to reapply it throughout the day,preferably every 2 hours.

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