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How’s your head? – R-18 Rant

h”Haven’t had any complaints!” as the common line on RPDR (Ru Paul’s Drag Race) always say. But kidding aside, my head is not okay. I can’t even post a rant on FB because I got muted. Why? Because I was posting rants against the incompetency of the government left and right. Well, not just rant. I was cursing, saying death threats. Wishing death against other human beings (as evil they may be). 

How’s your head?

The past few months were a road to recovery. I thought I was getting better. I love my job. I’m in a good place. I get to take my meds regularly. But then the recent announcement of another 2 weeks of lockdown on “NCR plus” made me realize, that this isn’t over. It’s a wake-up call. It’s almost over to the rest of the world, except the Philippines. Their incompetency in handling this case because of their greed is causing deaths to THOUSANDS of people.

That’s the thing. They’re not dumb. They’re just plain evil. They know what they’re doing and they don’t give a fuck because all they care about is how much $$$ they can steal off of the people while simultaneously selling off their souls to the devil. 

And who am I? Who are we to stop all this non-sense? We are merely pawns in their game of thrones.

That’s the point. No matter how much we rant on social media. Nothing happens, because they don’t fucking care. We can’t even protest because we’re LOCKDOWNED. Either we succumb to the disease or succumb to the devils we call “leaders”

How I wish I could’ve said this speaking out loud. But while I’m okay on video, I’m more comfortable with my natural medium, words. 

How’s my head?

Obviously, it’s not okay. I’m already insane and going a level down further because of all this corona chaos. I’m striving, thriving, and surviving because I have a 10-year son to protect.

Our children do not deserve this kind of life. Nobody does.

How am I coping? Coffee, medication, and alcohol?


Hope we all get to laugh at this one year from now.


Please Lord.



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