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I got fat.

That’s it. That’s the post. I got fat. 

Sometimes I even wonder if anyone still reads my blog even if it’s not a “how-to” guide or a product review.

Over the past few days (weeks even). I’ve been occupied trying to make a living and trying to make something out of my life. Just like the rest of us. I finally got a couple of jobs that don’t make me pull my hair out of my scalp, albeit they don’t pay as much. But it’s okay. Sanity is priceless. PLUS I’ve been doing all sorts of self-care practices that improved my day to day activities. 

Okay back to the topic. Why and how did I get fat? Easy. I ate too much. I enjoyed the food too much. There’s nothing wrong with eating a donut or two. A slice of pizza or 2. But eating the whole box is a whole new problem. I overindulged, and we know the Spice girls song – Too much, of something, is bad enough. 

I got fat. Now what?

Now I ROTFL thinking how many times I’ve started “Day 1” of my fitness journey. Okay, I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The pandemic got the best of us. 

It’s been a year. I’ve adjusted. I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t be able to visit the gym anytime soon so I built my mini home-gym at home with a few bands, dumbells, and kettlebells.

My “Diet” Plan

I’ve tried a whole plethora of fad diets from keto, IIFYM, calorie counting, and intermittent fasting. I gave up on calorie/macro counting because it was too obsessive on numbers. My brain just couldn’t handle checking the label and logging in what I eat every single time. Keto is hard for me because I cannot give up my carbs. So I’m back to my best option, intermittent fasting. But not too obsessive either. I just skip breakfast, eat lunch and dinner, and make sure I up my protein intake. Simple.

Looking forward to progress

I’m talking too much. I’m supposed to write a skeleton of this story and go on with my workout. Instead, I got carried away and get to finish this personal musing of mine. I’ll post the food I eat, and the workout I do on Tiktok, so follow me my username is @themachomom.

If ever, this thing I’m doing becomes a success. I’ll upload it on youtube. Hopefully, the next time I blog about this, the title would be: I got fit. Cheers!



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