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Coronavirus: Little things I looked forward to during lockdown

Today we’ll focus a bit on the positive. As much as I felt shitty in the past few weeks. It’s been over a month since the coronavirus lockdown here in the Philippines that began March 15, 2020. I’m naturally an introvert, so surviving this should be relatively easy. Surprisingly it ain’t. There are days where I meltdown, break down and throw fits. Nights where I couldn’t sleep and had to temporarily rely on sleep supplements like Calm Tabs or Melatonin. 

The feeling that you’re stuck in limbo. Feel me?

While I was talking to my beloved this afternoon, I told him a few things I looked forward to during lockdown. That I’ll be sharing with you today. A personal musing. It’s been a while. 

(in no particular order)

#1 New episodes of Ru Paul’s Drag Race every Saturday

Credits: Ru Paul’s Drag Race Instagram

There’s something incredibly relaxing watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I mentioned in my previous post that binge-watching all the past seasons helped with my depression. Now that we’re in quarantine, the new season is bringing me joy. My flair on S12? Crystal Methyd!


#2 What food to order at Food Panda

I am no cook. I have made a few attempts. While they’re a success (fried eggs & flatbread), I hate washing the dishes and it’s too laborious for a working mom like me. Food panda is a savior. I discovered a lot of local restaurants here in Batangas that serves pretty good meals! I’m thankful that they’re still up and running. My canned goods and packed noodles are safely kept in case of total emergency (please Lord wag naman)


#3 Video-calling my grandparents, family, loved ones, and friends

We’re socially distant, not emotionally. One of the many things we’re benefitting from technology. With video calls and conferences, we’re just click away from seeing people we love. 


#4 My son greeting me with a smile every morning

I mean, he’s the reason I wake up every single day. Sometimes I wonder where he gets his optimism? Youth perhaps?


#5 Sweldo (payday)

hand and money not mine (wish it was, haha, the money, lol)

One of the challenges of being a freelancer is not being able to get paid regularly. Now that we’re on lockdown, some clients have more excuses not to. I’ve been a freelancer for more than 5 years already so I’m used to saving up for the rainy days. This, for example, is one heck of a storm. If you’re keen on going in this industry. Be prepared.

Whenever I check my inbox and see that a project has sent their payment. Oh boy, oh joy! I am thankful for my regular clients who pay on time and find ways. Life is hard enough already

But being human, we’re meant to adapt and survive. We find ways. In my free time I scour the web for more jobs. Just keep on sending those resumes and CVs. You’ll get jobs. You’ll get paid. The more entries you send, the more chances of winning! 

These are my “little things”, what’s yours? I’d really love to know. Leave a comment below please!



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