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Easy Soft by World Balance are the Perfect Back to School Shoes for Kids!

A couple of weeks from now and macho kid is back to school. Thank God I was able to do my mommy duties from enrollment to buying school school supplies, uniform, and bags. The last thing I always buy are school shoes. Why? I’m quite the picky mommy and I don’t settle for anything less.

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If you’re going to ask me what I look for in a pair of back-to-school shoesI can enumerate 4. They must possess the following qualities in no particular order:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish


The Perfect Back to School Shoes for Kids

Most of the time, because I prioritize durable, comfortable, and stylish shoes for my little one, I go over-budget. Then regret comes in a few months later when we discover his foot grew half an inch and the shoe doesn’t fit anymore. Mommies! Here’s another thing. I don’t believe in buying “bigger sized” shoes. Come on. Our kids deserve to feel comfortable and not scrimped on.

Last week, Geof and I were invited for a surprise shoot for a shoe brand. Little did we know it’s something both of us would genuinely love. What is it? They’re Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance! 

Why you ask? It passed all our criteria!



Would you believe a pair of Easy Soft Shoes costs only 499.99php? Don’t worry, being affordable doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. That’s why we’ll go to the 2nd criteria.

My budget for shoes is more or less 2,000php below. Anything beyond that is crazy. You know how kids grow so fast right? 


Durable & Comfortable

Made from Vicrotech. A rubber synthetic blend. It’s durable, flexible, waterproof, and shock absorbing. Injection molded, constructions with strap for easy closure. Removable EVA insole for added cushioning. Perforated design of insole to provide a lightweight shoe experience.

What is EVA sole?

The EVA copolymer which is based on a high proportion of VA (greater than 40%) is referred to as ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber. EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility.

This is perfect for macho kid who runs around everywhere! Rain or shine! You know how kids are diba? With regular leather shoes based from my experience it looks ragged na by the end of the month. HAHA!



Last but not the least it has to look good! I don’t want macho kid to be running around wearing plasticky looking shoes. I had my doubts when I discovered they were using rubber material. At first I imagined shiny gross-looking shiny boots you see in the marketplace. 

But it’s not!

It suprisingly looks like leather. I was astounded. Shocked even! 


Final Thoughts

If you’re a money-savvy mommy. You’d definitely want to try Easy Soft Shoes for your kid! It’s material is perfect especially that it’s monsoon season and you won’t feel so bad if they get worn out (eventuallyeverything does) because they’re affordable. Geof likes wearing them I’m sure your kid will too! Make sure they wear socks inside ha to keep their feet nice and dry.

How about you guys? Have you tried Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance na? What do you usually look for in a pair for your kid? Let me know in the comments section! 

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  • Mary Joy Gampas

    Thanks for the review ms kaycee.
    Di pa nag aaral anak ko, pero nachika ko to sa sister ko, next month bibili daw siya, tag ulan na kasi at mabilis masisira kung lagi mababasa ung ordinary type of shoe plus ang bilis lumaki ng paa ng pamangkin ko,this one ok siya plus affordable pa,di masakit sa bulsa 🙂 salamat sa feedback mamsh ?

  • Marsha Torres

    tibay kung taon ba ang itatagal lalo na at ang anak ko mapaglaro sa school .presyo na pangmasa pero ang kalidad pangmatagalan .komportable sa paa at maganda ang style

  • Ely Bantugan

    Comfort, durability at affordability! Yan ang mga batayan namin in choosing the perfect shoes for our kids. Nice review, thank you Mam

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