Pinoy kids celebrate Google Play’s 10th birthday by sharing the apps they want to make in the future

Kids always get the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And many would say a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or an athlete. But over the years, children have gotten more creative that pursuits like becoming an app developer have made it to the list of kids’ dream jobs!

As Google Play celebrates its 10th year, Google asked kids to work on their imagination as it posed the question, “What app do you want to develop when you grow up?” Read on for their quirky and cute answers!

The advocates

Eirik, a 7-year-old boy, said that he seeks to heal people in pain. “I will call it the Mage app or M-app for short. There will be a magician that will heal any kind of pain — even those that are not curable.” Isn’t that so pure?

Meanwhile, Yanna, 12, wishes to make animals “talk”. “I’ll make one that translates anything that animals say,” she said. “I’ll call it SQUACK-A-TALK. It’s like a Google Translate that can work for humans to animals and even animals to animals! Humans can understand what their pets will say, and animals can understand what their fellow animals would mean. Just imagine a dog and a duck having a conversation together! It would be so cool.” If SQUACK-A-TALK could work in the future, the world would be a much better place — with humans and animals coexisting in harmony.

Kylie, 8, advocates for a community where kids enrolled in homeschool can make more friends. “I would like to have a social app that helps me find learning information about homeschoolers, worldschoolers, and/or unschoolerslike me,” she said. “It would be a much easier way to find like-minded peers.”

The innovators

Imagination and wonder is how kids learn about the world, but it’s also through their creative thinking that they shape the innovations of tomorrow. Six-year-old Franco dreams of developing an app that delivers food in real-time while people play. “I’ll call it FoodBlox! There will be a “cooking” button in there, and the app will bring to you whatever you’re making in the game in just seconds.” Truly a game-changer in the F&B industry years from now.

Another future innovator is Moses, 10, who shares his bright idea on gamifying computer security. Ever dreamed of protecting a computer from viruses without dealing with technical terms and jargons? “I’ll make an anti-virus gaming app that gamifies the destruction of potential malware that could enter your computer!,” said Moses. “It’s a fun way to take care of your gadgets. You can play a spaceship or a superhero as you shoot down emblems of viruses in the form of monsters. You can also get safety upgrades and unlockables depending on how well you play. When you win, you’ll be able to beat the viruses — in the game and for real!” With cyber issues getting more advanced each year, this is an idea that we’d love to see in real life soon.

Yunna, who is 6, plans to create an app with safety in mind. She said that she wishes to make a disaster safety app that will tell people exactly where to go and what to do if ever there’s an earthquake, storm, or tornado. A practical tool for survival, indeed.

The passionate players

If there are kids who want to create extensive apps, there are also those who want to make cute and colorful platforms! The six-year-old future builder, Xander, imagines to craft a life simulation app where kids can build cities, homes, and factories. Five-year-old Amara is a fashionista who wants to make a Dress Up Doll app where children can learn about makeup and clothing.

Meanwhile, Rafa, 8, wants to help people “speedsolve” Rubik’s Cubes by creating an app where they can get rich information about cubing. “I’d like to build an app for cubing tutorials that brings together all resources that you need about cubing. So that people can get all the information in one app and not keep searching or looking for them every single time,” he explained. 

Online apps have been an excellent tool for kids’ journey to learning and discovery. And in the ten years that it has been in the market, Google Play has been a reliable partner for parents in equipping their children with open-ended education.

Google Play’s Kids tab culminates all apps with the “Teacher approved” seal, so finding entertaining, engaging, and age-appropriate apps for kids can be done within a single page. Parents can also review — in one glance — how the app can be beneficial for their child as it includes information on what they can learn in the app.

With all the developments the whole world has seen in ten years, it won’t come as a surprise if we see these app ideas from kids come to life on the Google Play platform — in the next ten years or so!

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