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WALANG FOREVER ? (merong everyday)

Madaming nagugulat when I post me and Ryan’s photo paminsan minsan. Sa feed or sa stories.

Kayo pala?!

Apparently yes.

Kailan pa?

Hindi ko na alam exact date pero since 2016

Wala kaming monthsary.
Wala kaming anniversary.
We don’t celebrate valentine’s or birthdays.

Baka nga matagal pa bago ako magpost ng ganito ulit, maybe yes, maybe never. Kasi #walangforever


We celebrate each other’s company every single day. We support each other’s passion and success. Pero we are there for each other in times of struggles and sadness.

This is not a romantic post. I had my share of stupidity and heartaches. Nung kabataan ko kasi I had this “glorified illusion of love” which really isn’t.

Tanggap nya ako. Lahat sakin. Tanggap ko din sya. Even in silence I find my ultimate peace with him. Shet naiiyak tuloy ako bigla.

Walang forever kasi merong everyday. Hindi mo naman kasi alam kung hanggang kailan ang bukas.

Bat mo pa hihintayin ang special occasions to make your loved one feel special?

Make everyday count.

Hindi ko nga sya tinag o ?

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