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Why Taiwan’s response to the Coronavirus is one of the best in the world

Taiwan implements effective measures in containing the spread of Covid-19. No wonder, it has gained global recognition as one of the few countries that successfully control the continues threat of the Corona virus.

Now that most countries ease down the quarantine, Taiwan has long been back to living the new normal. Such pioneering act is attributed to the national government’s quick and efficient response to the global pandemic. Early on, the Taiwanese government’s response to health crisis in the country has been successfully implemented thru timely and reliable programs delivered through humorous, relaxed and emphatic ways.

One of Taiwan’s current initiatives is the #WeBeatTheChallengeTogether.  It aims to promote discipline, cooperation and unity among its population in these trying times. That Taiwanese are steadfast and united in addressing and managing the contagion.

The strict implementation of preventive and control measures during the early stage of virus outbreak has minimized cases and mitigated the entry of Covid-19. That’s why #Taiwan is considered to be a #globalmodel as it leads by #goodexample in war against Covid-19 pandemic.

Taiwan has instituted a national mask program for its population. And the country even donated millions of face masks to European countries, the United States and neighboring allies  including the Philippines. Just goes to show that #Taiwan is #helping to control the spread of the virus.

Today, Taiwan embraces the new normal by strictly implementing the standard protocols: frequent hand washing, wearing of face mask and maintaining social distancing, which are effective measures to prevent disease transmission in public areas.

Truly, Taiwan is in the forefront of successful fight against Covid-19.

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