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    Review: Nono’s by Classic Confections | Mama and Baba Food Adventures

    When we were on vacation in Manila for 2 months, one of the places macho kid and I frequent is the new Podium. Why? Simply because they have delicious dining option without the messy crowd. One of Jop’s favorite restaurants to dine in is Nono’s by Classic Confections. As you can see here’s another photo of him on a different day (the next one actually) nonos chicken Nono’s by Classic Confections I was craving for something creamy so I got their Roasted Squash Soup (225php).…

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    Gardenia Delicia Spread Review | Deliciously Delightful!

    Food affects our mood tremendously. Eating something delicious can transform anyone from grumpy to happy! That’s why I’m excited to share with you Gardenia Delicia Spread. To be honest, that morning when we were supposed to shoot for the unboxing video. I was in a terrible, terrible mood. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even while writing this post as of this moment, I am not my best. My son macho kid, is one of my saving grace. He helps me…

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    Photo Diary: Macho Kid and Mom Foodtrip Adventures Part 2!

    Woohoooooooo! This is another personal musing post where I’m not thinking of any search engine optimization, making it viral, or anything else! Just sharing my precious moments captured in photos turning into precious memories. My macho kid is growing so fast huhuhu he’s turning 8 this year and I just can’t!!! He’s not a baby anymore! 3 more years and he’ll go into puberty T_T I. JUST CANT I will miss my baby so much! But like everyone else. Everyone grows old. Even me. Even…

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