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MABE Microwave Review and Manual (MABE MEI2340DVSL SV)

So last time I shared you a story on how Geof and I were ecstatic to get our MABE Refrigerator. You probably saw the photo that there was a Microwave oven beside it. Yup! We also got ourselves a MABE Microwave to start our little journey to independence. 


It’s been a few months since then and it’s been nothing but a blessing for someone like me who’s got little interest in cooking (#realtalk) and just wants to re-heat her diet deliveries, or macho kid’s leftovers hahaha!


MABE MEI2340DVSL SV Specifications

  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity (L): 23 L
  • Type (Mechanical/Digital): Digital
  • Auto Defrost (Yes/No): Yes
  • Unit Dimension (WxHxD): 485 x 284 x 375mm
  • Unit Weight (kg): 13.2 Kgs
  • Package Dimensions (WxHxD): 530 x 325 x 410mm
  • Package Weight (kg): 14.2 Kgs

SRP: ₱4,995.00

MABE Microwave Manual

Auto Menu Program – automatically sets the corresponding power level and time to cook.


Child Lock Function – Locks the current program to prevent accidental use or access by children.

Multi Stage CookingYour oven allows you to set two different cooking stages, each with their own time length and power level. The power level lets you control the heating intensity from Warm through to High.


MABE Microwave Review

Owning a MABE Microwave is heaven-sent! While it does include a manual, the display and buttons are easy enough to understand that you can start using it right away! It’s a breeze to clean too. I just take out the glass plate for washing and wipe off the inside (plugged out of course)



I use this almost everyday, especially for my diet delivery meals that I order on a weekly basis. I just put it on 3 minutes and it’s good to go.  Just stock-up prepped food for re-heat! Saves time, saves money, and saves a lot of energy. 

After more than 4 months of use, I did not experience any issues at all and working with the MABE Microwave is a BREEZE! For around 4,995? You get a high quality microwave oven for anyone on a budget! 🙂




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