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Lilo Little Locator Review | This might be the BEST Smartwatch for Kids

Today I was feeling extra inspired to write this review for the Lilo Little Locator (Price: 3,990php) watch. Why? Just this morning macho kid sent me a couple of voice mails saying:

Mom! You forgot to include my art materials in my bag”

“Mom, where did you put my tissue paper?”

If he wasn’t wearing his Lilo Locator, I wouldn’t been able to rush back to school to get his missing items (yes. memory gap. signs of aging). I might have picked him up crying instead because of frustration (huhu)

Lilo Little Locator Watch

We all know that smartphones are not allowed in school, and since class started I banned him from using gadgets. So without further ado, let me tell you all about the smartwatch for kids I”m raving about. 


What is Lilo Little Locator?

Stay safe, secure, and connected.

Lilo, or the “Little Locator” is a stylish, functional and wearable device that lets you locate and communicate with your loved ones at any time of the day so you never have to worry!

With the Lilo app. you can sync the watch to your device and monitor and get in touch with your kid anytime, anywhere!




How to Use the Lilo Locator Watch

  1. Inside the box there’s an easy to follow manual and 2 simcards. You can choose between any network which has a wider signal in your area.
  2. Insert your chosen sim card and charge the the Lilo Locator until battery is full (around 3-4 hrs)

The  watch  has  to  be  online before  any  pairing  can  proceed.  Please  follow these  steps below  to  pair  a  watch  with  your  mobile  phone

  1. Insert  a  SIM  card  on  the  watch
  2. Ensure  the  SIM  card  has  a  working “Data  Plan”
  3. Turn on Watch and wait for a few minutes
  4. Check for the “connected” icon on the Watch’s Home screen. 

  5. Download  the  Lilo  App  (click here)
  6. Go  to  the  App  and  select “Watches” on  the  menu
  7. Select “Pair  Watch”
  8. Scan  your  IMEI  QR  Code  to  pair  (located  inside  the  box)
  9. Wait  for  confirmation




SO. MUCH. RELIEF. Knowing even if I’m at work, I can see how Jop is doing in school or if he has an emergency. Sometimes kids can be sweet and he sends me random voicemails with “I love you mommy” and “Thank you mommy

I summarized what I love about the Lilo Little Locator below:

  • Easy to use
  • With limited functions – (voice mail, call) our kids won’t be distracted as much compared him to bringing a mobile phone at school
  • The alert zones let me know if my kid is outside his school, I message my mom immediately if she picked up jop already
  • It makes him look cool in school! All his classmates want to have one already!
  • Cons: It drains easily of battery. It doesn’t last the whole day. Full bat at 7am, come 1pm it’s already battery empty. Macho kid still has to bring a powerbank


Do take note that in order for the watch to function properly, it must always have load/data. Knowing my son is safe and can be able to communicate me makes it all worth it.


Where to buy? + Promo code~

I know you’re excited to get one for your kid right now! Maybe to track your husbands too! HAHAHA

Use my link below to get a whopping 10% OFF your purchase! Amazing deal right? or use the code upon your checkout.

Store: https://store.getlilo.com/discount/MACHOMOM

Promo Code: MACHOMOM


NOTE: I was NOT compensated in CASH for this review nor will I get incentives. I only received the Lilo Locator Watch for consideration. I was satisfied with the product, thus this post to help other parents 🙂



    I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.


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