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Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer | REVIEW and SWATCHES

ACNE. It’s so weird that at the age of 32, it suddenly went onslaught and wrecked havoc on my face. I have, kept a relatively clear skin since I can remember. Until mid-last year when these annoying pustule-filled pimples popped up. I’ve tried almost everything to remove them (will tell that separately), but until then. A good concealer is needed to cover. That’s why today we’ll be reviewing the Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer (yes it says it’s for the undereye, but it’s so good you can use it on any part of your face). 



Super Stay® Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer is a lightweight, full coverage liquid concealer. This makeup bag essential provides a lasting transformation for the under eye area.

No matter what’s on your agenda, look to Super Stay® Full Coverage Under-Eye Concealer to transform the look of your tired eyes. This full-coverage, yet lightweight concealer features a precise paddle applicator that effortlessly glides the formula onto the skin for a smooth, seamless finish. Our under eye concealer is waterproof, transfer and smudge resistant, and lasts for up to 24 hours.


Photos & Swatches



Ta-da! While it didn’t “flatten” my zits, Maybelline Super Stay Concealer definitely covered them. It comes in a small soft squeeze tube with a doe-tipped brush applicator. I thought the brush was necessary and it would be better if they kept the squeeze tube and they made it doe-tipped instead. A brush is also unhygienic, at least with the plastic tip, you can always sanitise with an alcohol spray or wipes.


Doe-tipped brush. I’d rather use my fingers instead. :\

Tip: Get 1 shade darker to cover acne, then top with foundation in your skin color for best results. The darkness will neutralize the redness, plus it won’t look weirdly whiter. Most get the mistake of getting a “shade lighter” for undereyes or acne. Nope. Get 1 shade darker. I used the color Honey on mine, then topped it off with Ellana Mineral Foundation.

It’s super pigmented that one layer is good enough to cover those stubborn spots! It only faded lightly at the end of the day with minimal creases. It can be drying and can highlight flakes or any peeling.


Final Thoughts: For a 299 concealer, I won’t complain. It works! I did hear from some other users that this aggrevated their acne even more. Thankfully, it didn’t with mine. Just make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed okay? SKINCARE SKINCARE SKINCARE

as for my acne-journey.. watch out for my next posts..


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