REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ
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REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ

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I’m sorry. I’ve been procrastinating. It’s been 5 days since I last published an article here on my blog and that’s the longest ever. Life has been crazy lately and I want to blame it on the Mercury Retrogade or my recent bout of monthly period.

Speaking of period. It’s been almost 6 months since I switched to using menstrual cups. Never going back to pads I tell you! Save the planet save your wallet! Today I’m going to review a new brand that I’ve been using for the past 2 periods. The Easy Flo Menstrual Cup!

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Is it better? Is it worse? Is it comfortable? How does it feel? Continue reading and find out


EasyFlo Menstrual Cup

Designed in the Philippines, it is made with premium materials making it one of the most comfortable menstrual cup ever. Handle your periods the easy way!

EasyFlo was created with a vision to provide women with a menstrual product that makes periods easier both for us and the environment.


How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup?

1-First, wash your hands and EasyFlo Cup with a gentle soap thoroughly.
2-Hold your EasyFlo Cup with the stem pointing downward.

REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ
3-Fold your cup in half and make a “U shape” with the rim.

REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ
4-While squatting, insert your EasyFlo Cup in your vagina and aim it towards the tailbone. 

REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ
5-Twist the cup’s base sideways to open the cup and form a seal.


How to Remove Your Menstrual Cup?

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Pinch the EasyFlo base and squeeze until you begin to feel a release of suction.
  3. Gently pull down by the base of the cup.
  4.  Once removed, dispose the cup’s contents in the toilet.


The first brand I used was Anytime, and while it kept leaks at bay and barely felt it when it’s “inside“.  The hard structure of the cup makes it very uncomfortable to insert and pull-out. Like taking out hard plastic. 

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EasyFlo however, suits their name with how their cup functions. It’s soft, flexible, and easy to insert and pull out. I tried both the Large size and the Small size. The only difference is the amount of liquid it can hold. 

How much does it cost? A cup in either size costs around 720php. They also have kits available that includes a container and brush cleaner for 1040php

I can put it on in the morning and forget about my period the rest of the day. That’s the reason I switched in the first place. No need to change pads in between and no “bakat” worries. I take a shower twice a day so I insert it in the morning shower, and clean it and put it on again during the evening. 

The only con? I have to say it still leaks. On both sizes. Compared to wearing Anytime that gave me ZERO leakage. To remedy this, on heavy days I put on an additional reusable cloth panty liner.

Despite the leakage, I still prefer using Easyflo over Anytime. Just because it goes in so smoothly. It doesn’t feel “weird”. LOL Using the other cup felt more like putting in a sex toy than a tampon HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Why switch?

  • Save the planet
  • Save your wallet



I’ve gathered a few questions from my FB Page: KIKAYSIKAT and hope to answer them based on my honest to goodness experience on using menstrual cups!


REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ

Pag nasa loob na, makakalimutan mong nandun sya promise! Maninibago ka lang sa una kasi may papasok ka sa loob lol. Wag ka matakot. Hindi sya ma-stuck sa loob kasi may limit po vaginal canal natin 🙂

REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ

Yes. It can spill when you’re not careful! Imagine pulling out a soft cup with blood inside. Well not imagine, literally! Haha! Kaya I do this when I’m in the shower. 

If you have heavy flow I recommend using a cloth liner para eco-friendly pa din tayo. You can use the LARGE size 🙂 You can still maximize the use kasi imagine ilang pads matitipid mo.


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REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ

Nanganak na din ako mamsh lol saka some of my friends who use cups na normal delivery. Hindi sya malost in our space pramis. 


REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ

Hindi sya nakaka-ilang sis. How to clean? I use feminine wash as soap, rinse, and then after my period ends. Pinapakuluan ko! 


REVIEW: EasyFlo Menstrual Cup + FAQ

Pag napasok mo sya correctly sa loob, dun lang sya mag stay hanggang alisin mo 🙂


Ayun! The end! If you have more mind boggling questions on menstrual cups. Comment lang kayo below 🙂 Til next time!





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