COVID-19: Children's Mental Health Matters Too
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COVID-19: Children’s Mental Health Matters Too

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Took Geof to a small cafe near our house and treated ourselves to yummy cheeseburgers and SKRAMBOL!
One his best days ever daw for a looooong time. The other night kasi he told me he was feeling lonely and experiencing “cabin fever” na.
Today I’m sharing a few tips we can do so we can support our children during these tough times.
The Yard - Bolbok, Lipa City
The Yard – Bolbok, Lipa City
We always talked about our welfare and our mental health. Pero are we giving enough attention to how our children feel?
They also need to be heard.
Imagine, they’ve been staying at home the longest. Walang vaccines planned for them soon. They’ve been coping through online classes, games, and indoor activities.

Children’s Mental Health During COVID

According to 

“The pandemic has been difficult, especially for kids who already struggle with depression and anxiety,” says Brooke Gomez, LPC, a clinical therapist at Children’s Health℠. “One of the things we advocate for mental health is reaching out, socializing and leaning on a social support system. But because of COVID-19, now we’re telling families to do the opposite and stay socially distanced, to protect their physical health.”

Kids may also be experiencing disappointment or grief about losing time with friends or missed milestones like graduations, school dances, sporting events or other extracurricular activities. One national survey of 3,300 high school students conducted early in the pandemic showed that 30% felt unhappy and depressed much more than usual. As the pandemic continues, those feelings may persist or deepen.

“Many kids are grieving a loss of a sense of normalcy,” Gomez says.

COVID-19: Children's Mental Health Matters Too
Ask how they are. Ask how they feel. We can think of ways to make them feel a little bit better during these times.
The next-door cafe might not be as grand as a trip to another country, but it’s enough to make him smile 🙂

How Can We Support Our Child’s Mental Health?


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Check in routinely

Make it a habit to check in with your children on a regular basis and see how they’re doing and how their day is going. Make these discussions a part of your everyday routine, either at dinnertime or right before the kids go to bed.

Listening and validating

If your child shows sadness or worry, avoid the temptation to “fix” the issue right away. Instead, tell them that it’s okay – and even understandable – for them to be feeling this way right now.

Focus children’s attention on what they can control.

One way to help children cope with stress and anxiety during the pandemic is to direct their attention to aspects of their lives that they can influence right now.


Our Short “Mental Health” Recovery Trip

Note: I made sure kami lang ang tao that time, and we wore masks & face shields prior to going there. This is place is located in the province as we are not from Manila.
Location: The Yard Cafe, Bolbok, Batangas.
COVID-19: Children's Mental Health Matters Too
COVID-19: Children's Mental Health Matters Too COVID-19: Children's Mental Health Matters Too


  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    It’s really important to be aware of our children’s mental health. Mental Health really matters becauseit can give a negative impact to our children. Let’s give a quality time to our children and try asking them what they are going through.

  • Hyun Jang Nim

    I agree po, hirap din talaga ang mga bata ngayong pandemic dahil bago sa kanila tong ganitong scenario. We really need to monitor their welfare and have an open communication with them. Para aware tayo sa nararamdaman nila, their mental health is vital. I like the tips that you have listed, very helpful po. I’m glad that you and jop had a bonding moments outside para naman mawala yung cabin fever nia, matagal tagal na din kasing indoor ang set up ng kids kaya di talaga maiiwasan.

  • Chriss Tabamo

    Thankyou for this po. Napaka laking tulong po nito. Lalo na ngayon need talaga natin tanungin ang mga anak natin kung ano ba ang nararamdaman nila.. Dahil ang laking adjustment ang nangyari sa kanila simula nung nagka pandemic.. Gusto kopo ang mga tips nyo . Para kahit papaano makatulong kami sa mga anak namin.. Pero kahit nandito lang po kami sa loob ng bahay ipinaparamdam ko padin sa anak ko ang oras na gusto nya.. Ang atensyon na gusto nya.. At ang oras na dapat maibigay sa kanya..

  • Michelle Salazar

    Thank you po dito Mommy Kaycee. Sa totoo lang yung panganay ko he’s 10 years old na,minsan nasabi nya sakin na namimiss nya na yung dati nyang mga nagagawa like pumasok sa school at maglaro sa labas. Kaya minsan na bobored na sya sa bahay. Maliit lng po bahay namin kaya wala din mpwestuhan para makapaglaro sya ng maayos. Buti nlng kahit papano nawawala pagkabagot nya kapag nilalaro nya ung bunso nyang kapatid.

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