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    How to: Make Your Own Slingshot | Easy Activity for Kids and Mommies!

    “Look mommy! Look!” Geof, or as we all know as Macho Kid excitingly tells me out loud that he just made something from scratch. A slingshot. “Who taught you how to make that?” I asked.  “Me lang“ I let out a proud sigh. With thoughts that he’s no longer the tiny baby I held in my arms. Nor was he the little kid crying because I was gone for 3 hours. He’s growing up each day, discovering new interests and hobbies. Even taste in food.  I’ll support him all the way!  We all want to bond with our kids no matter what age right? 🙂 So Geof showed me how easy…

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    How to Join Promil i-Shine Talent Camp Year 7 2019

    Hi guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you how to enroll your kids in Promil i-Shine Talent Camp Year 7! Super easy! Summer vacation is the season kids are looking forward to. Imagine, 2 whole months of fun & relaxation. Rather than just staring at their gadgets, playing games, or watching videos the whole time. Don’t you think it’s better if their vacation is spent on something more meaningful and productive (yet still fun)?  That’s why I’m enrolled Geof in Promil’s i-Shine Talent Camp Year 7. I attended the launch earlier this month and learned a lot of things like how to nurture our child’s natural talents based on their…

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